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The Mulch King
Richmond, Virginia
(804) 965-5604

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Give your landscape the royal treatment!

Mulch should serve three purposes in your landscaping:

1. Appearance. Our mulch will retain its color better than many others because we add no fillers like stump dumps and recycle centers use. Our texture is fine enough to look great but not so small the mulch is gone it 6 months.

2. Weed and Pest Control. Since we use all bark, there are no weed seeds in our material. Also a lower wood content will decrease the appeal to termites. Our even texture will help control weeds in your beds and reduce bed maintenance. (Ask for our free guide on weed control.)

3. Soil Enrichment. Our mixture of aged barks adds nutrients into the soil below. Our texture will help maintain moisture content in the soil and protect your plant’s roots.

Our mulch is made from premium quality aged bark.
We grind our own products so we control the quality.
No Ground Stumps! No Ground Pallets! No Fillers!
Just Bark, No Kidding!

Measurement information: Mulch is sold by the cubic yard. One cubic yard will cover just over 100 square feet at the recommended 3" deep level. Or to dress up your beds one cubic yard will cover just over 200 square feet 1 1/2 inches deep.

Sample load size: A full size 3/4 ton pickup with sideboards to the top of the cab will hold just over 5 cubic yards.

Partial List of Products Available:

Price includes free delivery to most local areas for 5 or more yard orders!

Double Shredded Hardwood Bark $14 per cubic yard.

Our best seller. Made from hardwood bark and shredded to an uniform texture.

Double Shredded Mixed Bark $13 per cubic yard.

This product should be our best seller. Made with a mixture of hardwoods and pine bark. This product has the look of our all hardwood bark mulch but with the color retention of our Piedmont Pine.

Piedmont Pine Bark $12 per cubic yard.

Double Shredded aged pine bark. It has and even texture and dark color. This product actually retains it’s color and last longer than other mulches. Not recommended for use where erosion is a problem.

To order or for more information e-mail us at (checked nightly) or call us at (804) 965-5604.

Landscaper and wholesale inquiries invited.